Four tips for your first ballet or opera

Ballet and opera represent a classical and in some way old forms of art, but still, people who enjoy the true beauty and real artwork, they love attending these types of plays. Considering that they involve a lot of work and dedication and the scene looks like a real masterpiece, the price tickets can be expensive. If you are keen on going to an opera or ballet show, then we have a couple of tips for you. Just don’t be intimidated and accept this experience with an open mind. It will help you discover this amazing world, which you haven’t seen so far.

What to see

First of all, you need to decide what to see, especially if you want familiar with this type of art. There is a reason why ballet and opera are classical forms, their performance is excellent, and they are worthy of being seen over and over. Our advice would be to research the web and see what the most popular play of the show is. It would be wise to listen to classical music; it will help you get accustomed to performance. On the other hand, if you feel more adventurous, then you can go and see ballets and operas which are a bit abstract. But, considering this is your first time, go with something which will keep your attention.

Choose the company

When going to see a ballet and opera, it’s essential to go with people who share the same interests as you. You can ask a friend who has more experience in this because he will give you more positive energy and encourage you to follow your initial instinct. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong company, it can result in leavening the show earlier or being bored. Not all have the same perception, and not all are able to recognize this type art.


operaConsidering that this kind of show involves serious production, a ticket price can be high. Also, you need to think about where to buy them and which seats to take. Depending on seats, you experience can vary, if you are too far, you won’t be able to see anything. In this case, it is always better to ask for a recommendation. The person who sells the tickets can give you a couple of tips and tell which is the best seat to take.

What to wear

You need to be very careful when choosing your clothes because opera and ballet require certain rules. Keep in mind that you are not going out or going to the movies, opera is placed when you need to be dressed with style, and your clothing needs to ooze with appeal and elegance. Women usually wear elegant dresses, while men wear suits. This is one of the last performing arts which is trying to keep the spirit of the old times, where women were ladies and men gentlemen.