The best Broadway shows in casual category

Every year Broadway theater welcomes more than 13 million of visitors. Considering that New York is one of the most important cities regarding the culture and art, the Broadway stage each year releases a couple of shows in their production which is worth of seeing. Every season brings with it a new wave of megamusicals and shows which give the audience an incredible experience. If you are not sure what to watch, then we have a few recommendations for you.

Les Misérables

Everyone knows that this musical was inspired by the novel by French poet and novelist Victor Hugo. The story was placed in 19th century France, and it follows the life of a French peasant who spends 19 years in jail after stealing bread to feed his sister’s child. Valjean decides to break a parole and starts a new life with the help of good bishop. The police inspector Javert tracks down his movements throughout the entire play as Valjean joins the revolutionary group of young individuals. This musical has been long on Broadway scene and represented one of its classics, and this is one of the reasons why you should watch it.

The Phantom of the Opera

Another famous classic from the Broadway production and Andrew Lloyd Webber made a wonder with this one. Again, based on a French novel, the plot revolves around Christine Daaé, a beautiful soprano who becomes obsessed with mystical musical genius. The musical was first presented in London in 1986, and since then its performance has never stopped. If you love mysterious stories and main characters which have tragic pasts, then we gladly recommend you to see this musical. Considering that this is a longest-running show in Broadway production with more than 10,000 performances, you will truly enjoy its beauty while watching.

West Side Story

westBased on a book by Arthur Laurents, the lost was inspired by the Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The plot was set in the Upper West Side of the City of New York in the mid-1950s. The story explores two different gangs Jets and Sharks, their cultural background and differences. Considering that both groups belong to blue-collar families, it is interesting to see how the story develops. The main characters, Jets, and Maria fall in love, even though their families are at war. It is important to mention the significance of social problems which are pointed out in the West Side Story and how the music, performance, and dances follow the entire story.


If you are a fan of the Wizard of Oz, then you will love this musical, only in this case, we have the untold the story of Witches of Oz. The story was told from a woman perspective, and it continues after Dorothy’s arrival in Oz and involves a couple of references from the original movie. The main two characters Elphaba and Galinda struggle through different situations, personalities, and point of views, while they fight the corrupt land of Oz.